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Trail Magic 2013

On August 24, 2013 we premiered a one -act play about Emma as part of weekend festival called "Trail Magic" dedicated to Grandma Gatewood at TrueNorth Cultural Arts. The weekend events included a nature poetry workshop and reading with author Kelly Boyer Sagert (who wrote the play), special hikes, a Buckeye Trail display and a discussion group on Mental Health and Self-Esteem (and the effects of domestic abuse) led by Natalie McCarthy, MSW, LSW.

Do you have a Trail Magic Story to share? We're looking for some to possibly use in our documentary and/or in other print related materials. If you have one to share please send it to us!

If you are interested in presenting "Trail Magic" for your group or are a theatre that would like to put on your own production of this play, let us know!

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