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Victoria Woodhull

From A Crash To A Bang: Music and narration about the Depression based on oral histories. (also available as a storytelling program; Read an excerpt.)

Letters In The Margins: Meet a young Jewish couple working for the resistance movement during World War II in this two-person one-act play. (For more information on this program, click here)

Salute To Swing: Music and narration featuring the music of World War II.

Meet Margaret Bourke-White: photographer Margaret Bourke-White remembers W.W.II. (Available as a first-person character program or as a storytelling program)

Ordinary People In Extraordinary Times: Stories From World War II: This storytelling program features stories from this unforgettable time like the harrowing tale of Margaret Bourke-White and 400 nurses who were torpedoed on their way to Africa, the story of Rodger Young who became a hero through his selfless courage, and the touching story of the soldier and the girl "back home" who continue to write to each other to this very day.

All storytelling programs are researched, scripted Reader's Theatre presentations.

Did you know that during the Depression Knock-Knock Jokes were popular?
Did you know that during the Depression Knock-Knock Jokes were popular?


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