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Victoria Woodhull

Today, April 16, 2023, is a sad day for all of us at Eden Valley...

On October 13, 1994 our most impressive actor made his first appearance at the Steamship William G. Mather Museum on the opening night of LEGENDS OF THE LAKES. This special fall program event at the ship, which ran every year until 2001, offered a spooky look at Great Lakes history. The unofficial star of the show was LEM (AKA: the Lake Erie Monster) who made appearances on the water stage every night -- never missing a performance.

LEM was designed and constructed by Michael Higgins, Sandy Hines, Dave Holcombe and Rod Knight with the rest of the Legends Crew assisting in bringing him to life in a Rod Knight's pond in Valley City.

LEM in Knight's Pond LEM comes to life!

When LEGENDS opened, LEM came up on que to get his carrot and the audience loved him. He offered interviews to several reporters including one atThe Chronicle.

LEM makes the front page on The Chronicle!
LEM makes the Chronicle
LEM picture

LEM was so popular, he posed for a doll made by Patty Higgins which was sold during the season.

LEM doll

Cleveland's favorite monster made appearances each year during LEGENDS OF THE LAKES. After the final season in 2001, he moved back to the Knight pond in Valley City where he brought smiles to everyone who saw him swimming around in the pond during the year.

But all things come to an end and Keeper Knight sent out the following message and pictures on April 16, 2023 to all LEM's fans

Goodbye, dear, reliable old Friend.
For a quarter of a Century you have created precious memories for us who followed you from spawning until now.
And bringing smiles to the so very many faces and generations who viewed you.
Wishing you well in that Great Lake in the Sky.

-- Rod Knight

Goodbye, LEM
Goodby LEM

LEM will be missed...







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