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Trail Magic at TrueNorth

by: Kelly Boyer Sagert
directed by: Rick Fortney
Grandma Emma Gatewood.....Anne McEvoy
Emily Watson.....Kathie Dice
Premier Presentation: Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's the buzz? Well, after the show, we received a number of comments on the program from our show surveys. Here's a sampling! Kathie Dice and Anne McEvoy in Trail Magic
  • This is a great project and wonderful program. It is delightful to learn about some of Ohio's own "unsung" heroes. Grandma Gatewood contributed far more than she ever imagined.
  • The actress playing Grandma Gatewood is excellent!
    the storyline told through Grandma Gatewood's lines is well written and interesting
  • Theatrically, extremely well done! Content and purpose of this story is above today's moral standard ten-fold. What a releaf (sic) to witness a true story full of uplifting human values in this life! Would like to see this one go "Prime Time" on todays (sic) stages!!!
  • This was an emotionally moving presentation. I had no idea of Emma's background. The production was carefully sensitive and yet inspiring. I lived through the same years - she accomplished so much more. It is an experience I will long remember.
  • Good show. Good story. I liked the humor, too. Wow. The narrator had a LOT of facts and dates to reel off: impressive. I also really liked the song ... and her poetry.
  • If we could be half as resilient and self reliant (sic) as Emma we would all be much better for it.
  • I had heard snippets about Grandma Gatewood, and frankly was not expecting much of a story. Wrong! It was clearly but, at some hard spots, delicately writen. And the two actresses WERE their character. Very well done. And a compelling story. There should be a way to make this available to lots more people. Hope the PBS thing becomes reality.
Grandma spots those "skunks" in the front yard Thanks to everyone who attended and those who took the time to fill out our audience survey. If you saw the show, but didn't fill out your survey, it's not too late! You can fill it out on-line or just send your comments in an e-mail.

Join us on our trail to help tell Emma's story more completely with a PBS documentary with a tax-deductible donation!

In honor of the Jammaramma For Grandma event on August 24, Belinda Bear's two newest bakers, Cheryl and Sue, have made special jelly cookies and donuts for the Bakeless Bake Sale -- get 'em while they're hot!

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These pictures were taken by Bette Lou Higgins. © Eden Valley Enterprises 2013


Emma Gatewood and sister Ella and father Hugh Emma's tools Emma's clothes Emma's shoe Emma's food supplies food Key to Oregon Teddy Roosevelt plate emma's poem Emma's dress Emma's dress Emma Gatewood hiking items Emma Gatewood's trophies