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Victoria Woodhull

From A Crash To A Bang: Music and narration about the Depression based on oral histories. (also available as a storytelling program; Read an excerpt.)

Letters In The Margins: Meet a young Jewish couple working for the resistance movement during World War II in this two-person one-act play. (For more information on this program, click here)

Salute To Swing: Music and narration featuring the music of World War II.

Meet Margaret Bourke-White: photographer Margaret Bourke-White remembers W.W.II. (Available as a first-person character program or as a storytelling program)

Ordinary People In Extraordinary Times: Stories From World War II: This storytelling program features stories from this unforgettable time like the harrowing tale of Margaret Bourke-White and 400 nurses who were torpedoed on their way to Africa, the story of Rodger Young who became a hero through his selfless courage, and the touching story of the soldier and the girl "back home" who continue to write to each other to this very day.

See a presentation of a Pearl Harbor Story for Aging Gracefully TV.
Hickam Field on 12/7/1941

All storytelling programs are researched, scripted Reader's Theatre presentations.

Did you know that during the Depression Knock-Knock Jokes were popular?
Did you know that during the Depression Knock-Knock Jokes were popular?


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