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Victoria Woodhull

as told by Bette Lou Higgins, Artistic Director


Since then several other iterations of the Medicine Man and Skyfoggle have been done including a version at Roscoe Village in 1992. The Village is an actual restored canal town near Coshocton, Ohio. This version featured two Eden Valley actors, John Kolibab (as The Medicine Man/Skyfoggle Wrangler) and Michael Garza as his sidekick, Michel O’Reilly. Coshocton actress, Tami Hardesty joined the cast once we got to town as the schill, Sarah Comstock. The show played throughout the summer along the streets of Roscoe Village and by the dock of the canal boat, The Monticello.

The Medicine Man in Roscoe Village 1992

Tami Hardesty, John Kolibab, Michael Garza


To be continued ...

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