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Take a look at some of our PowerPoint programs and videos!

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Watch an interview with Artistic Director, Bette Lou Higgins, and find out how Eden Valley began. (Run time -- app. 5 minutes)
Credits: Filming by One 4 Three Productions: Peter Huston, Director; Tom Koba; Cameraman. Canal Pictures from "Ohio's Canal Era", Cinemark Film. (January, 2006)

Watch the trailer for our Emmy-Nominated Documentary about Emma Gatewood, the first woman to solo thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. This trailer was produced by FilmAffects. Peter Huston, Producer of FilmAffects, is working with us on this documentary. He also produced a DVD of our storytelling program "Grandma Gatewood: Ohio's Legendary Hiker" which is available for purchase along with a DVD of the doumentary about Grandma Gatewood, TRAIL MAGIC: THE EMMA GATEWOOD STORY.

Learn about some of Ohio Suffragettes in this short video salute.

The Civil War was a watershed event of American History. Find out about the song that kept the war going -- on BOTH sides and has sort of become its own war! Learn about the Great Escape at Libby Prison and about the failed “escape” at the Johnson’s Island Prison. Hear these and other stories in BATTLE SCARS: STORIES OF THE CIVIL WAR. Credits: Filming by The Video Storytellers: Barb Sutton, Narrator, Andre LeBlanc, Cameraman. (February, 2012)

Frances Peter Dallam lived in Lexington, Kentucky during the Civil War. Her life was tragically cut short by illness, but that didn't stop her from worrying about her "Union Boys". Hear her story in THE GIRL IN THE WINDOW.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor brought the war crashing into America. Stories from that day AND WWII are numerous. Our storytelling program ORDINARY PEOPLE IN EXTRAORDINARY TIMES: STORIES OF WWII some of the events and people from then. See a presentation of a Pearl Harbor Story for Aging Gracefully TV.

See a presentation of a Pearl Harbor Story for Aging Gracefully TV.
Hickam Field on 12/7/1941

Watch a performance of NEXT STOP, FREEDOM! with Bette Lou Higgins playing Sarah Comstock in this first-person character program about the Underground Railroad in Ohio. This performance was taped at the North Ridgeville Library. (This video is not the complete performance of the program and has been edited to meet time constraints. Run time -- app. 30 minutes)
Credits: Filming by The Video Storytellers Barb Sutton, Narrator, Andre LeBlanc, Cameraman. (February, 2007)

Hear the stories of Mary Langston and her famous grandson, writer Langston Hughes along with the story of the Oberlin-Wellington Slave Rescue. (Run time -- app. 27 minutes)
Credits: Produced by for Roxy Reads and Remnants. Interview with Debbie Born, owner. (January, 2009)

Shoeless Joe Jackson had an interesting career in baseball. Born in Brandon Mill, South Carolina he went from working in a cotton mill to playing baseball in the major leagues! He was still a teen-ager in 1910 when he was contracted to play on the Cleveland baseball team. His talent was undeniable. But his life became wrapped in scandal on and off the baseball field. Hear his story in this video recorded with Kathryn Eyring for Aging Gracefully TV.

Find out about the Buckeye Trail Association with this PowerPoint Presentation celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a voice-over by Bette Lou Higgins. (Run time -- app. 10 minutes)
Credits: Produced by BTA member Adrian Vanko

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