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Here is a sampling of the programs Eden Valley has offered over the years. For information on booking programs for your school or group, just send us an e-mail!

See a slide show about our first project, Johnnycake Village and other videos from our programs

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"Sarah Comstock"
History Comes to Life

A fictional 1890's woman telling factual stories ...
... about the Underground Railroad in Ohio

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"Over The Falls"
A zany rendition of a daring idea

Hiram and Lavinia, acting out a story,...
... prepare to cross the Niagara Ice Bridge.
Hiram & Lavinia
Ice Bridge

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The EVE "Big Book"
Scintillating yet economical performances

Fascinating stories are read from the magical "Big Book" ...
... while the audience looks on in rapt attention.

Big Book

Big Book Audience

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"Letters In The Margins"
A true WW II story

One of the interesting theaters where EVE has performed.
Cedarville Opera House
A mother and daughter exchange letters throughout their war travails.
Daughter can only dream about a direct conversation with her mother.
Margins Scene 1

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"Legends Of The Lakes IV"
Aboard the Steamer Wm. G. Mather Museum
Tour groups every 20 minutes hear 5 stories as they travel through the boat.

The star of ALL of our LEGENDS OF THE LAKES programs was LEM, the Lake Erie Monster. In April, 2023, LEM moved to the Great Lake In The Sky.

Lower Lights
A true story about
a ship wreck in the Cleveland harbor.
About the Amelia

The Legend of Red Monroe
Storyteller describes how Red was ordered by the Cap'n to ride the Bo'sun Chair...

Red's Storyteller

... high up the mast to paint. When the rope broke Red fell to the deck. With his...
...dying breath he cursed the Cap'n. Some deck hands swore they saw Red's ghost.
Red Monroe
Red's Ghost?
The Rescue
Storyteller explains that the boat UNITED STATES...
Rescue Storyteller
...successfully took 20 runaway slaves to freedom...
...in Canada while 3 slavehunters were on board.
Storyteller w/ United States


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