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Ballads of the Inland Seas: Take a voyage across the Inland Seas and discover the music and the stories of the Great Lakes. Hear about the sinking of the Eastland, the Persia, and the Edmund Fitzgerald; find out what happened to the Christmas Tree ship and the Bigler — to name a few. (If you enjoy the music from the Great Lakes, be sure to check out Lee Murdock's selection)

Bringing Home Cleveland Mountain: Dr. John Lang Cassels recalls his trip to the Upper Peninsula in 1846. This was the beginning of the shipping of iron ore on the Great Lakes. (available as either a first person character program or a storytelling program with PowerPoint.)

Canal Songs and Stories: Take a voyage back in time with this unique program that provides vivid insight to Ohio's Canal period. Songs, stories and slides bring this exciting era to life. Travel back to 1797 when George Washington pioneered the way for a canal system in Ohio; relive the debates that led up to the Act of 1825 that gave the go-ahead to carve a waterway through Ohio; follow Alfred Kelley down the canal as it is being built. Enjoy the stories and listen to the songs featuring those by canal captain Pearl R. Nye.

Favorite Great Lakes Stories: Sea stories abound in this general program that will cover such items as the discovery of Iron at the Straights of Saint Mary, the Leonid Meteor Shower, a daring rescue made by a brave 14 year old girl, the terrible storm that sunk the ship Amelia, and the only Captain to ever race the land and win! Originally presented as THE LADY OF THE LAKE. Companion book and teacher's guide available.

Gales Of November: Sailors on the Great Lakes know that November is the wortst month! Hear the stories of some famous and not-so-famous sinkings in that treacherous month.

GREAT Lakes Ladies: Meet some special ladies — Abigail Becker, who rescued more than four sailors off the treacherous Long Point Shoals of Lake Erie; Maebelle Mason, who saved a man from drowning by the Mamajuda Light in the Detroit River when she was fourteen years old; and Harriet Colfax, who “manned” the Michigan City Light for more than 40 years — to name a few! Companion book available.

A Model For Disaster: Did you know there were TWO Fitzgeralds? Maybe one of the Great Lakes most famous disasters could have been averted if they hadn't named the SECOND Fitz after the FIRST -- you wouldn't name another boat the Titanic, would you? Find out how the Fitzgerald sank TWICE. This program was originally presented as a one-act play. It can now be included in any of the Great Lakes storytelling program. Companion book available: HOW THE FITZGERALD SANK TWICE. Read an excerpt!

My Favorite Monsters: Lake Monsters and other Characters fill this fun program of the Great Lakes and their not-so-serious side. Companion book available. Our favorite monster was LEM, the Lake Erie Monster -- star of our LEGENDS OF THE LAKES programs on the Steamship W.G. Mather.

Next Stop, Freedom!: Relive the drama of the Underground Railroad with this program which focuses on the role of the Great Lakes in the Underground Railroad. This storyelling program is a perfect way to learn about the Underground Railroad and the importance of the Great Lakes during this time in our country's history. Companion Study Guide available.

Teachers -- ask about the availability of Rise At Sunrise, Rest By Midnight: This special play is available for use with your students. They can relive the drama of the Underground Railroad through Ohio across Lake Erie to freedom in Canada with this moving one-act play by Shelley Pearsall (Cleveland Bicentennial Playwriting Award Winner) Companion Study Guide available.

Over The Falls (or “Yours ‘Til Niagara Falls”): This one-act play can best be described as a documentary with a sense of humor. Find out what Native American Indian tribe the first explorers found at the Falls in the 17th century; what famous bridge-builder built the Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge and WHO was Godfrey Frankenstein was in this wacky trip Over The Falls!

A Storm Like You've Never Seen Before: The Gale of 1913 was one of the most devastating storms on the Great Lakes. Find out about the men and the boats who survived (and those that didn't) in this special storytelling program.
(Also available as a PowerPoint presentation) Companion book available.

Yo, Ho, Ho and A Bottle of Rum!: Have you ever wondered what was happening on the Inland Seas during Prohibition? Now you can find out in a new program about rum running on the Lakes. Hear the tales of boats and pirates and the rest of the characters who were involved in helping to quench the thirst of Americans during those dry days. (Also available as a PowerPoint presentation)

All storytelling programs are researched, scripted Reader's Theatre presentations.

DID YOU KNOW -- The Great Lakes, Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior, contain about 1/5 of the world's supply of fresh water -- enough water to fill up a swimming pool the size of the United States with 15 feet of water? Strangely, an inordinate number of ships named Owen sank in the Great Lakes.

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