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This series brings to life characters from the past. All programs are done in first person. Some are scripted and some are improvisational with audience participation. (Some character name/gender subject to change)

Bringing Home Cleveland Mountain: Dr. John Lang Cassels recalls his trip to the Upper Peninsula in 1846. His discovery of an Iron Mountain changes the shipping and economic future of Cleveland. (Also available as a storytelling program)

The Canal Builders: Meet the men and women who worked on Ohio's Canals including such characters as Medicine Man, Dr. Putnam and his Miracle Mixture, Canaler Michael O'Reilley and his “Skyfoggle” and Ohio Governor Ethan Allen Brown.

Clarissa Marks and Phoebe Farr: Western Reserve Pioneers from the 1800’s.

Lady of the Lake: Travel back to the 1890s when steamships crossed the Great Lakes carrying passengers and cargo. Hear some of the exciting tales from the Lakes when you meet Sarah Comstock -- wife of Captain Michael Comstock. Mrs. Comstock will tell you about a daring rescue made by a brave 14 year old girl, the terrible storm that sunk the ship Amelia, and the only Captain to ever race the land and win! These are just some of the exciting stories from the Great Lakes that Sarah will share with you. Companion book and teacher's guide available.

Antony Van Leeuwenhoek: Discover the Microscopic World in this science program.

Meet Margaret Bourke-White: photographer Margaret Bourke-White remembers W.W. II. (also available as a storytelling program)

Meet Victoria Woodhull: persistent presidential candidate from Homer, Ohio was the first woman to run for the highest office in the United States -- at a time when she couldn't event vote for herself! Suffragist, Spiritualist, Free Love Advocate, Newspaper Woman, Stockbrocker -- what DIDN'T Victoria do? (also available as a storytelling program)

Moving Right Along: Sarah Comstock looks at the history of transportation from 1799-1899.(Also available as a storytelling program.)

Next Stop, Freedom!: Travel back to 1899 and meet Sarah Comstock who grew up in a station on the Underground Railroad in Sandusky. She has written a book about her family's experiences and the Underground Railroad in Ohio and is now on a speaking tour to read selections from her book and talk about her life. Companion Study Guide available. See a video of Next Stop, Freedom! Purchase a video of Next Stop, Freedom.

You Can't Play Ball In A Skirt!: Alta Weiss put herself through medical school playing professional baseball on a mens team in the early 1900s! Companion book available. This program is also available as a storytelling program. **EVE is looking for information about any Ohio women who played baseball during WW II. Do YOU have information for us?
Read an article about Alta and "The Women From Ragersville"

All storytelling programs are researched, scripted Reader's Theatre presentations.

Did you know that Margaret Bourke-White was the first accredited Female War Correspondent and she started her career in Cleveland, Ohio?
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