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Sarah Funk
Sarah Funk

Sarah Funk, Slow and Steady, 2005


After the death of my husband in 2004, I knew I did not want to be at home. Somehow a long hike was meant to be. When I chose to go out on the AT (by myself), I did not know whether I would be out there six days, six weeks or six months. Our children who were grown and gone, were supportive and were able to hike on and off over the six months it turned out to be. Grandma Gatewood's children were as inspirational to me as Gatewood herself because they knew their mom was taking care of herself as she had taught her children to do for themselves. In addition, she liked people and was a sociable person, but greatly appreciated solitude which the trail can provide. Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (Slow and Steady, March 22-Sept.. 24, 2005) taught me everything I needed to know about the power of courage, strength and the ability to depend on oneself.


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