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Jen Seymour
Jen Seymour Jen Seymour prepares for her 2017 AT hike

About a year ago, I got into my head that I wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. Grandma Gatewood’s Walk was one of the first books I read, and I was so inspired by her – as a woman, by what she had been through, and by her tenacity. Especially with the harsh supplies/conditions she had to deal with on the trail at the time (her sneakers! cowboy camping every night! her little tiny knapsack!). She totally inspired and empowered me to think that I could do that trail too, and I will.

I currently am living and training in the mountains of the central valley of Costa Rica, and I will be thru-hiking the AT in 2017! (Start date to thru-hike: April 2nd, 2017)

-- Jen Beck Seymour

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